Blue Tansy: One of the best kept secrets on the planet!

Morocco strikes once again by sending us one of its best kept secrets of beauty that its rich land has to offer us. Drumroll please for… Blue Chamomile! Its indigo color is mind blowing and its virtues even more breathtaking! Blue Chamomile, commonly called Blue Tansy or Moroccan Chamomile, is an annual plant with an erect stem that grows in the Mediterranean regions and in northern Morocco. Flowering at the beginning of the summer season as well as in the fall, this plant starts by showing us magnificent little yellow flower heads.

From its scientific name Tanacetum Annuum Flower Oil, Blue Chamomile essential oil is obtained by steam distillation process from the top of the flower. It is this process that gives it this magnificent indigo blue color as well as a unique smell of a flowery, fruity, woody and camphor mixture.

As for the properties of this plant, they are numerous and oh so precious! Thanks to its sesquiterpene composition, Blue Chamomile essential oil is anti-inflammatory which helps soothe sensitive skin. Its circulatory component allows by phenomenon of vasoconstriction and gentle astringency, to tone and energize the tissues, to reduce redness, to soothe hyper vascularized and vasodilated areas. Its anti-allergic and antipruritic action due to its chamazulene content is very helpful for ultra-reactive skin by reducing its sensitivity. These are the reasons giving it the title of undisputed champion of after-shave oils, protecting the skin against all types of aggressions. Finally, its sedative and calming action has a relaxing action on the nervous system which will reduce states of anxiety and promote sleep.

At Farouche, we offer you nothing less than the best possible quality of this oil. It comes directly from Morocco where the flowers are picked there and the oil distilled directly in an ecological, sustainable and fair trade.